Art by Anne Felicie Nickels

Kiln Formed Glass - Giclée Art Print

Welcome to Anne Felicie Nickels's website!

I am an artist driven by exploring and learning about the materials with which I work. Prime technique is Kiln Formed Glass. I love both the beauty of glass and the challenge it proves to be. My art speaks about ancestry, mankind and a passion for animals.

"Art I think is a great way of communicate that enriches both the artist and the viewer."

Upcoming & Ongoing Exhibithions

AMACI 2022 - AQUA,  Rossocinabro Gallery, Roma, 1/10-8/10 2022 

KonstHelg i Lund, Scandic Star Gastelyckan, 4/11-6/11 2022

FIRENZE CONTEMPORARY,  Art Art - Armando Xhomo Gallery, 4/2-18/2 2023

A project totally new and refreshing Klick picture and read the Critical Assey about 'The Fishy Exhibition' by Art Curator Martina Viesti

Certificate of  Authenticity

I use VERISART to verify the authenticity of my artwork. This means Certificates are securely stored at the cloud and everything about it is registered on the blockchain. As an owner of an certificate you can follow the history of the artwork and make new notes of your own. Please learn more at

Get Updates on News and Latest Work
Meet me in Florence October next year I am planning for exhibition at the Great Biennale in Firenze, Italy.
Konsthallen KOHTA, Helsingfors My Manuport 'Grip of Man' was on display during the festival. Klick picture and read all about it!